What Audiences Have To Say about A Center for Human Potential

“Great Course! Learned a lot abut people’s behavior and exactly what to look for to defuse a crisis” C.D., World Golf Village Renaissance Resort

“Outstanding class for understanding the psychological component in conflict resolution”. R.B., Adam’s Mark Hotel

“Helped me realize my company needs this type of training to protect our employee’s and guests”. E.R. Oceans Resort

“This is a very important and overlooked subject. Thank you for providing this program. B.D. Ramada Inn

“Opened my eyes as to how vulnerable our hotel really is. It has given me a start point to put into practice what I leaned to day. Excellent course!” D.H., Sea Turtle Inn

“Helps me diffuse angry people.” J.P.M., Orange County Convention Center

“Appreciate the responsibility that we all have in providing a safe work place and safe haven for our guests.” T.B., Adams Mark Hotel

“I can take what I learned and use it in everyday work and hopefully pass it on to employees.” C.J. G., Coastal Waters Inn

“Great presentation. A lot of information.” P.E., Rosen Centre

“I have the skills for taking a conflict or stressful situation and calmly diffusing or resolving the situation; A well paced course.” M.K. Rosen Centre

“The training was interesting and informative…provided us with tools that employees and supervisors could utilize during these changing times; thank you for presenting an outstanding program.” T.H., Allied Signal

“We owe to our guests to not only feel safe but have them in as secure an environment was they have at home; this program gets us closer to this goal.” M.A. Palm Plaza

“Dr. Evans offers concise, clear insight into the causes and approaches for diffusing workplace violence.” R.B., Adam’s Mark Hotel

“Outstanding class for understanding the psychological components in conflict resolution.” N.L, Spartacus Security

“Dr. E’s program informed me how to really pay attention to employees and how they react.” B.D. Hilton Hotel

“Very helpful information to help me perform my job better; presentation very smooth and well presented. L.S., CIGNA

“Gave me the insight of why people do what they do.” M.R., CIGNA

“Great Information given that would help us on a daily basis; Speaker who truly cares.” J.T. CIGNA

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