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Litigating High Conflict Family Law Cases


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Presented by: Robert A. Evans, Ph.D.

how to recognize parental alienation

  • Strong trial strategies for child custody cases.
  • The important evaluation errors that can affect your case.
  • Key questions to examine/cross an evaluator.
  • Understanding what Parent Alienation Syndrome is…and is not.
  • How to Recognize Parental Alienation in Child Custody Cases.
  • How to Develop a Trial Strategy for Parental Alienation or Parental Alienation Syndrome.


In this workshops you will learn…


Reviewing/Critiquing Child Custody Evaluations (also referred to as Parenting Plans and Time Sharing Evaluations)

The recommendations contained in custody evaluations can be very influential in family law cases. Unfortunately, some evaluations are not up to recommended practice standards and may lack in scientific methods, empirical research support, psychological relevance, and thus can be misleading to the court! Now, in Florida we have a new “yardstick” called the Daubert standard. Many clinicians conduct their evaluations according to clinical standards, not forensic standards; this can be a major problem in your cases. Also, we find evaluator bias can creep in, many times unconsciously and unintentional. This workshop will discuss the different kinds of bias and how to recognize them.

This workshop addresses the requirements for evaluations to meet legal standards of admissibility. Prepare and plan your courtroom strategy to effectively address these situations by learning how to deal with damaging evaluations and how to rehabilitate your case in the event they occur despite your best efforts.

Litigating Family Law Cases with Parent Alienation

Family law cases that involve or potentially involve Parent Alienation can be especially difficult. This workshop on Litigating Family Law Cases with Parent Alienation and Reviewing Related Evaluations will help attorneys recognize Parent Alienation and learn to expose it to the court. Participants will distinguish between Parent Alienation (PA) and Parent Alienation Syndrome (PAS). We will cover not only what PA and PAS is, but provide some suggestion as to how to develop a trial strategy for cases that involve these disorders.

In reviewing related evaluations often produced by mental health professionals in these cases attorneys will learn to review these reports with an eye toward the Daubert standard recently adopted in Florida in July 2013. Attorneys will also recognize a trial strategy for examining and cross-examining experts in these cases.


What other attorneys have said about this program:

“This is one of the most informative, interesting seminars I have ever attended; A must for the family law practitioner.” – DLT, Esq.

“Great workshop; Generated lots of useful ideas.” – RM, Esq.

“I learned very specific tips on examining a custody evaluation and I am now able to cross examine evaluators on each aspect of their reports.” – RP, Esq.

“An excellent presentation. Very relevant to my practice.” – WSB, Esq.

“Very helpful for both evaluators and those defending against the evaluations. Concise presentation with handouts helpful for future use.” SP, Esq.


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Approved by FL Bar for 8 CLEs, Approved by the FL 490 and 491 Licensing Boards


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