Our Parenting Coordination (PC) services provide children and parents with a court ordered coordinator that will schedule as frequent and continuing contact between both parents as necessary. The Parenting Coordinator can develop and facilitate a Shared Parenting Plan that establishes the nature and extent of the contact, and assist to effectively implement existing court orders.


Parent Alienation and Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) pertains to disorders that arise in the context of child custody disputes in which the child denigrates against a parent without justification. We provide professional training and consultation that provides invaluable information on how to wisely affirm your parental rights and assist your child through the divorce process.


Attorney Consultation is a cost-savings intervention designed to increase the expected outcomes of a divorce case. Some cases require the expertise and specialized knowledge about Parental Alienation, false allegations of abuse and treatment considerations for alienated children, peer review of child custody evaluations, etc. Our Consultation services include: support with hearing/trial preparations, review of current evaluations and support during and after the litigation process.


Legal professionals, attorneys and courts, rely on sound, reliable, unbiased and valid evaluations in child custody disputes. These evaluations are intense and time consuming. There is no standard way to conduct these assessments, but there are professional guidelines that should be followed (e.g., Am Psych. Assoc., AFCC, etc.). The users of these evaluations need specific recommendations relative to children’s timesharing and therefore should result in a Parenting Plan tailored to meet each families needs and circumstances.


The recommendations contained in child custody evaluations exert considerable influence on the outcome of a case. A complete review of the evaluator’s complete file with feedback to your attorney regarding the methods and procedures used with particular attention to how well the recommendations are supported by reported data can be very valuable in a case. Most reviews can be completed for the a very reasonable retainer. The reviews are respectful of the other professional, focus strictly on the methods and procedures used as suggested by the relevant research in the field as well as highlight whether the recommendations are supported by the body of the report and the current literature.

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